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May 9th 2008

MPs, law profs call for more bilingual judges

OTTAWA - Every judge the federal government appoints in officially bilingual New Brunswick and to the Supreme Court of Canada should be bilingual, a Commons committee was told Thursday.

Official languages commissioner Graham Fraser and two Université de Moncton law professors told MPs too few judges in superior courts and courts of appeal are bilingual, and that shortcoming is denying a significant number of francophones equal access to justice.

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April 1st 2008

Health Reform: Letter from the Commissioner to Minister Murphy

In response to your department’s recent decision to transition from eight Regional Health Authorities to two, some have been promoting the idea of identifying the two RHA’s along linguistic lines. I have been provided with a copy of the March 17th, 2008 letter addressed to the Premier by the Société des Acadiens et Acadiennes du Nouveau-Brunswick (SAANB) in which it is recommended that these designations be formally added to the new legislation. Specifically, the Société recommends that the legislation designate RHA “A” a francophone institution and RHA “B” an Anglophone institution. The recommendation clearly states that these designations must be subject to the obligation for both RHAs and the health establishments within those RHAs to deliver all services in conformity with the Official Languages Act

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March 20th 2008

FSL Review: Comments by Commissioner

Fredericton, March 20, 2008 – The Official Languages Act of New Brunswick states that it does not apply to the Department of Education. This in fact limits the power of the Commissioner of Official Languages to investigate complaints with respect to the operation of the education system. The Act, however, does provide him with the authority and the responsibility to promote the advancement of both official languages. It is based on this part of his mandate that Commissioner Michel Carrier became involved with FSL reform in the province, beginning with his own review, the details of which were included in his 2005-2006 annual report.

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