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December 2nd 2011

Statement from the Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick regarding the launch of the New Brunswick Government two-year official languages plan

Fredericton, December 2, 2011 - “For many years, I have been recommending that the provincial government adopt an official languages plan to ensure that provincial departments comply fully with their linguistic obligations. I am pleased to see it becoming a reality through this two-year official languages plan. I thank the previous government for initiating this project and I congratulate Premier David Alward for proceeding with it. I believe this plan will make it possible to renew the momentum towards linguistic equality.

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October 20th 2011

Move Forward or Lose Ground

Official Languages Commissioner for New Brunswick releases his 2010-2011 Annual Report

Fredericton, October 20, 2011 – The Commissioner of Official Languages, Michel A. Carrier, today released his eighth annual report, entitled Move Forward or Lose Ground. 

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April 1st 2011

“My first passion is writing” – Vincent Bossé

Vincent Bossé is bilingual. His first language is French, and he’s proud of that. “French is such a rich and highly developed language. It’s important to celebrate and promote it if we want to preserve it.” He also believes that learning English opened doors for him and will enable him to go farther later on in life. “English classes started in Grade 3 at school. At first, I found it hard to learn a second language, but listening to English-language programs helped me. I also joined a writing club in Grade 10.”

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March 28th 2011

Publication of the brochure Living Together with Two Languages

Fredericton, March 28, 2011 – A brochure on official languages and linguistic duality is being distributed this week in New Brunswick’s daily newspapers and some of its weeklies. Published by the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, the document provides answers to many questions asked about these two issues.

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