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Success Stories

2011 Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award Recipients

September 28, 2011

(FREDERICTON) – The 2011 Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award were presented today at a ceremony in Fredericton. The recipients of the annual honour were: Antoine Landry, Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick and the Nurses Association of New Brunswick.

Speaking to guests at Old Government House, the Honourable Graydon Nicholas, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, said: “These three recipients promote both of our official languages – not in a heavy-handed way, but with tolerance and compassion to further the understanding of cultures and traditions we share.”

Established in 2003, the Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award is given out annually by Dialogue New Brunswick (DNB) – a provincial, non-profit organization that promotes understanding, respect and appreciation between English-speaking and French-speaking citizens of the province.

According to DNB’s executive director, Carole Fournier, recipients are selected by a jury. “There are many deserving people in this province – many who devote their time and energy to the cause of linguistic and cultural harmony and understanding. This year’s recipients follow in the tradition and lead in their commitment to these principles.”

In addition to the Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award, Dialogue New Brunswick organizes and operates the following annual initiatives: The My Friend-Mon ami(e) Pen-pal Program for school-age children, and Friends Meeting Friends! which provides opportunities for New Brunswick’s English-speaking and French-speaking children to directly experience each other’s cultural and linguistic richness and distinctiveness.

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Mr. Antoine Landry

Kelly Cain, Co-Chair of Dialogue New Brunswick, Honourable Graydon Nicholas, Lieutenant-Governor, Antoine Landry, Paul-Emile Chiasson, Co-Chair of Dialogue New Brunswick

Antoine Landry has been a leader in the Acadian community for more than three decades. As the Mayor of Caraquet, he has embraced the importance of preserving the language and culture of his forebears, and has done so in practical ways. At the same time, he has promoted the essential importance of linguistic harmony, respect and tolerance between New Brunswick’s French and English-speaking citizens. Over his long career, he has taken every opportunity to find and nourish links in business, government and social sectors that integrate the French and English facts of this province. In short, he has been a force for productive diversity at every level of society. And in this pursuit, there is nothing he avoids, nothing he glosses over, nothing to which he doesn’t give 100 per cent of his effort. His leadership is active and relevant for both Anglophones and Francophones. His Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award is well earned.

Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick (TIANB)

Kelly Cain, Co-Chair of Dialogue New Brunswick, Honourable Graydon Nicholas, Lieutenant-Governor, Joanne Bérubé Gagné Chair of the Board of Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick (TIANB), Réal Robichaud, Executive Director of TIANB and Paul-Emile Chiasson, Co-Chair of Dialogue New Brunswick

As the official voice of tourism in the province - representing bed and breakfast operations, campground owners, fishing and hunting lodges, festivals, golf courses and other major attractions - the Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick (TIANB) takes its responsibilities to linguistic harmony seriously. So seriously, in fact, that all its board and committee meetings are held in both official languages with “members of the committee or board translating for their colleagues as required and necessary.” Meanwhile, all documents, annual meetings and public forums are executed and conducted with utmost respect for New Brunswick’s two official languages communities. Indeed, over the past year, the organization has revised its bylaws to better reflect its long-standing commitment: “To the maximum extent possible, the Board shall be comprised of individuals representing New Brunswick’s two officially recognized linguistic groups.” For this effort to promote Franco-Anglo harmony TIANB deserves recognition.

Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB)

Kelly Cain, Co-Chair of Dialogue New Brunswick, Honourable Graydon Nicholas, Lieutenant-Governor, Darlene Cogswell, incoming Board Chair of the Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB), France Marquis, Board Chair of the NANB, Roxanne Tarjen, Executive Director of the NANB and Paul-Emile Chiasson, Co-Chair of Dialogue New Brunswick

As the largest group of health professionals in the province, with 8,900 members, the Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB) champions the principles of harmony and respect between Anglophone and Francophone communities in its daily functions. When the association speaks, it speaks in the language of both linguistic groups, aligned to the core values espoused by the Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award. Specifically, every official document of the association is available in both official languages. Every board meeting and annual general membership meeting is conducted with simultaneous interpretation. NANB’s website and journal are offered in both languages. Educational sessions are available for both French-speaking and English-speaking nurses. The Association’s commitment to linguistic duality is not required by law. That it nevertheless deems diversity a lynchpin of its service in New Brunswick makes the NANB a most worthy recipient of the Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award.