Success Stories

Promotional Program in the Schools (winter/spring 2007)

In June 2007, the Commissioner travelled all over the province presenting prizes to Anglophone and Francophone students who had participated in a program aimed at promoting the site The Office of the Commissioner distributed rubber branded bracelets, similar to the wristbands supporting various causes that have been all the rage with young people for a few years now. The two-tone bracelets are imprinted with the address / They were distributed through student councils and their teacher advisers in order to offer them a promotional kit. The number of requests exceeded all expectations, to the point where the Office of the Commissioner had to hold a draw among the schools having shown interest. Of those 76 schools, the names of 52 were drawn at random. Besides bracelets, the schools received posters and bookmarks.

The Office of the Commissioner later contacted the schools to obtain their feedback and ask for the name of a student at their school who, in their opinion, had stood out in connection with this promotion. A draw was held among the names gathered for the awarding of prizes such as MP3 players, iPods, and digital cameras.

At Apohaqui Elementary School, Mr. Carrier presented Grade 4 student Cody Smith with an MP3 player. At Hampton Middle School, Mr. Carrier presented a digital camera to a group of students who called themselves the Peer Helpers / Super 7 Girls. Finally, the Commissioner visited l’École Régionale-de-Saint-André to present an MP3 player to grade four student Stéphanie Michaud.

Left to right: Michel Carrier (Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick), Cody Smith, Becky Kunze (Core French Teacher), Paul Scully (Principal).

First row, left to right: Stephanie Boucher, Lauren Anderson, Sarah O’Neill, Lauren Sleep, Brandon Richard.

Second row, left to right: Josh King, Katelyn McEachern, Jessica Martin, Cassey Worden, Megan Verge, Jenny Fowler, Hannah Wright, Elaine Scott, Cindy O’Toole (Teacher Assistant), Brittany Dugas.

Third row, left to right: Dan McKiel (Principal), Sherilyn Cheeks (Guidance Counsellor), Noah Clark, Michel Carrier (Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick).

Left to right: Alain Poitras (Principal), Sandra Corbin (Teacher), Stéphanie Michaud, Michel Carrier (Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick).