Fredericton, March 28, 2011 – A brochure on official languages and linguistic duality is being distributed this week in New Brunswick’s daily newspapers and some of its weeklies. Published by the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, the document provides answers to many questions asked about these two issues.

“One of my responsibilities as Commissioner is to promote the advancement of our two official languages,” said Michel A. Carrier. “To do that, it’s important to clearly explain the reason for official languages and duality. That’s one of the goals of this brochure.”

In addition to providing general information and answering frequently asked questions, the 12-page document contains testimonials from New Brunswickers on bilingualism and duality. “Language and culture are at the heart of people’s identities,” said Carrier. “That’s why we invited New Brunswickers to speak. These testimonials are inspiring and make us aware of the richness of our two official languages.”

The Commissioner hopes the publication of this brochure will help to fuel a good-faith dialogue on official bilingualism and linguistic duality. “I hope this brochure will dispel certain myths and contribute to a better understanding of what is at the heart of our collective identity,” said Carrier.

The brochure Living Together with Two Languages can be consulted online.

Hugues Beaulieu
Director of Public Affairs and Research
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