Fredericton, December 15, 2021 – The Commissioner of Official Languages welcomes the Report of the 2021 Review of the Official Languages Act of New Brunswick tabled today. In particular, she applauds the recommendations for the creation of a central entity dedicated to official languages within government, the establishment of a Standing Committee on Official Languages in the Legislative Assembly, measures to increase the effectiveness of the Office of the Commissioner, and the explicit inclusion of nursing homes in the Act.

“A provincial Department of Official Languages could support the Premier in the administration of the Act,” said Commissioner MacLean. “This is a recommendation we have made repeatedly, and I am convinced that the creation of this entity will finally give the official languages file the profile it deserves in Canada’s only officially bilingual province.”

While the Commissioner believes the creation of a Department of Official Languages will help ensure better compliance with the Act and help ensure that provincial public servants can work in the language of their choice, she would have liked to see a stronger recommendation to clearly enshrine in the Act the right of provincial public servants to work in the official language of their choice.

“I now encourage the government to act quickly to implement these recommendations,” added Commissioner MacLean. “The public has been consulted, the analysis has been done, and now it is time to act. I urge the Premier and all members of the Legislative Assembly to ensure that legislation is introduced and passed without delay.”

The Commissioner of Official Languages thanks Commissioners Finn and McLaughlin and their team for carrying out this extensive work. She also acknowledges the participation of the many organizations and individuals who took the time to participate in this important review exercise.


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